Deadly Lies

Deadly Lies and Cancer

A growing number of people contract cancer. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rated cancer in 2014 as the second cause of death in the USA, after heart disease. However, cancer incidence is rapidly rising. The CDC website states: “In 2000, there were only 2 states where cancer was the leading cause of death; in 2014, there were 22.” Other lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and obesitas, are becoming more frequent as well. This development with its accompanying requests for help dramatically increases health care expenses.

The book Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived imparts a story that you shouldn’t know. Indeed, it is a story that is hard to grasp. Perhaps one that you’d don’t even WANT to believe. The data in this work, however, are well documented with well over 900 references; they detail corporate interests that put profit over health.

Radiation therapy for cancer
Radiation therapy for cancer. Photo: Jake M. Bradford – Own workCC BY-SA 4.0

By C.F. van der Horst

Deception and Cancer

Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived explains why cancer is ever more frequent, whereas its sanctioned therapies fail in the main. Furthermore, the book suggests alternative solutions. It describes marketing strategies of the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry that deceived governments, doctors and patients alike—perhaps even you or your family. As this deception had a fatal outcome more than once, it is vindicated to describe them as deadly lies. If one can spot the deceit, it reduces the chance that you or your family awaits the same fate. The information in Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived will undoubtedly proof helpful.

Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived
Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived: a well-documented exposé about how corporate lies endanger your health—and what you can do about it.


There are too many reports on malversations and abuses in health care and the food industry. Nutrition or health guidelines are not always reliable, such as the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals and the threshold values for toxins (why are toxins allowed in food at all?). As it is, it is not wonder that lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are so widespread.

The book Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived documents the background of these abuses or guidelines. This enables you to grasp what’s wrong and why. More importantly however, for the health of you and your loved ones, this information wil help you to make better and informed decisions about nutrition and practitioners/therapies . It is an old saw, but very much applicable: the prevention of cancer is the best cure.

Farmaceutical marketing and health

For sale

Scientists and even physicians appear for sale and are successfully employed as marketing instrument. Advisory committees often consist of industry-sponsored scientists and their opinions are strikingly often positive for the industry. For example, in the Netherlands, Ab Osterhaus, virologist and then member of the Health Council of the Netherlands (a scientific advisory body for government and parliament) promoted in all media the widespread use of vaccines against swine flu. The costs for the Dutch State could amount to no less than 700 million euros (a lot for a small country). Not only were these vaccines untested and therefore a potential health hazard, as newly patented medicines they were extremely expensive. In retrospect, they turned out completely unnecessary. Osterhaus turned out to be affiliated with an industry-sponsored organization, European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI), that aims at a 75% vaccination rate for older people.

Motivated by ignorance or by money?
Motivated by ignorance or by money?

Cancer treatment: up a blind alley

It gets worse when foodstuffs are allowed on the market while animal tests show that the products are causing cancer. At the very least, long-term research into human health consequences should be done, but such a sound requirement is dismissed. Since 1971, many trillions of dollars have gone into the research of the cause and treatment of cancer and yet more and more people are contracting the disease. The current cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery seem to be up a blind alley, while promising natural cancer treatments—several are discussed in the book Deadly Lies. How Doctors and patients Are Deceived—aren’t not even considered for further exploration.

In medical school and after graduation in his continued medical education, did your doctor hear the truth about causes and effective therapy for cancer? Could it be that he’s been deceived—without being aware of it—by potentially deadly lies that he now, in all sincerity, spreads to you as a patient?

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What about the link between cancer and our consumption, particularly the additives (artificial substances) and pesticides in our food? What about genetically engineered crops—do they have any adverse effects on your health or the development of cancer? How is it regarded in relation to the precautionary principle? And which factors determine whether or not you are and remain healthy? How can you prevent and detect “subclinical” deficiencies (you do not feel fit, and yet your doctor declares you’re healthy)?

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