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Psychiatric Drugs: Far Beyond Mere Suicide

MILITARY SUICIDES shouted the header of a September 2014 article in the American Free Press . The article clearly exposed the link between the number of suicides of American soldiers and the tremendous increase of psychiatric drugs use in the army.

American Free Press

By C.F. van der Horst

Military suicide directly proportional to antidepressants usage

The newspaper wrote: “Today more soldiers die by their own hands than in combat.” Suicide is NOT caused by serious traumatic incidents: the [US] Ministry of Defense reports that 85% of the suicides among military personnel had no combat experience and 53% had never even been deployed. In contrast, the number of prescriptions for psychiatric medication for the American troops increased by 682% between 2005 and 2011.

soldiers committing to psychiatric treatment
Many soldiers commit suicide and worse on psychiatric drugs (Picture courtesy of the US Military Health System)


The psychiatric drugs were distributed as candies, sometimes several varieties at the same time and for purposes for which their use has never been proven as beneficial. In fact, purposes for which the Food and Drug Administration  has never granted approval (off-label). Not long after this large-scale drugging of the military began, the number of military suicides had increased by 31.25% (160 in 2004 and 210 in 2006). In 2012 the number of suicides was 350. Psychologist Toby Watson reported: “This antidepressant medication, especially of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), is known to cause suicidal thoughts and aggression.” Dr. Watson has provided testimony to the Food and Drug Administration regarding their lack of effectiveness and safety and upon SSRI induced suicide.

Psychiatric drugs: beyond mere suicide

The consequences of psychiatric drugging are not limited to mere suicide; the families of the users of these drugs are also severely affected. The US Army reported between 2006 and 2011 an increase of 64% in sex-related offenses, of 33% in domestic violence and of 43% in child abuse, the newspaper said. The article concluded with the cost: in the past 10 years, the US government spent $ 4.5 billion on psychiatric drugs for soldiers and veterans. In addition, between 2007 and 2014, the Veterans Administration doubled its budget for these drugs from $ 3 billion to nearly $ 7 billion.

You can decide for yourself whether that money is well spent.

Psychiatry and Big Pharma go hand in hand

In the book Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived you’ll read how psychiatry and Big Pharma go hand in hand. You will be appalled at what’s happening in psychiatry. Psychiatric “diagnoses” lack any scientific basis;  the premise on which medication is prescribed is just as flawed. Psychiatric drugs cause more than just suicide and have very serious side effects. Moreover, therapeutic benefits are very questionable, to say the least. Fortunately, Deadly Lies not only addresses the problems, but also possible solutions.

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